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Flying Rumor is the art direction/design portfolio of Darren Tuozzoli.



Darren Tuozzoli and Mark Kulakoff spin a yarn about the candidacy for the California Recall Election in 2003, as sung along to Elastica's brit-pop ditty "Vaseline." The video, styled as a formal karaoke, was designed, directed and produced by Tuozzoli and Kulakoff in Valencia, California — on the eve of the election. Players include: Cruz Bustamante, Angelyne, Gary Coleman, Gray Davis, Arianna Huffington, Larry Flynt, the California state bear and the eventual victor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


CHAUMONT, FRANCE  A video made while traveling to the 21e Festival International de l'Affiche et du Graphisme de Chaumont in 2010. One of the theoretical propositions presented at the festival was to explain how photography is not art. Not unless the photo includes Mr. Karel Martens or Ms. Mona Lisa, of course.