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Flying Rumor is the art direction/design portfolio of Darren Tuozzoli.


CHARLES DAVID  To elevate the brand, shopping bags and shoeboxes were commissioned in 2007. All elements were printed inside and out using metallic and matte inks, utilizing embossed textures and ribbons.

MOVING UNITS  Two EPs for the band Moving Units, a dance-punk outfit from Los Angeles. The song titles had a romantic angle, which perfectly fit Scheherezade Abdelilah's captivating illustrations. Detail from the source paper was kept, to give the gloss cover texture that benefitted the drawing, and contrasted the band's logo well. 

HAMMER MUSEUM  The clamshell box cover insert for the Hammer Museum's new video library needed to be printed and updated at the museum office by cataloguers and administrators. A printed template was designed using various one-color sheets that could be fed into a normal office printer — and use another Word template for the black type to finish the covers.