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Flying Rumor is the art direction/design portfolio of Darren Tuozzoli.


CURRICULUM CLASSWORK  Tuozzoli taught third and fourth year students at California Design College in Los Angeles from 2005-2009, exercising a variety of design disciplines. Class curricula ranged from typography, image-making, meaning and basic design responses, to a series of lectures that tackled a history of graphic design from a broad perspective — including product design, photography, architecture and automobile manufacture.

A stalwart foe of stock photography, he often forced students to respond to everyday things that employ stock. Classes used researched, appropriate methodologies to re-imagine a solution — often with notable results.

VISITING LECTURES and CHARRETTES  Using a different approach to a career in form-making than some, Tuozzoli imparts a unique perspective on ordinary design ideas, delivering lectures and leading workshops that infuse his personal design experiences to students. Pictured is a class at the University of Connecticut preparing a poster for a two-day project in 2011.