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Flying Rumor is the art direction/design portfolio of Darren Tuozzoli.

Tees Etc.

PASSENGER  Bamboozled with the then-typical mania in the White House, Tuozzoli penned a manifesto in 2007 to create the Passenger project — a politically-oriented body of work that used the tee shirt as a forum for communication. He joined Sam Farfsing, and together, they launched a small operation in Los Angeles. Sewing, screening and marketing operations were finished in-house by the two partners; Passenger lines were carried in shops like American Rag, Tomorrowland (Tokyo), as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Friends would spot someone we didn't know wearing one, and send us the evidence. The project garnered international press, and will be archived on the web in the near future.

FORNINO  This successful Brooklyn pizzeria's signature weapon of choice is the wood-fired brick oven. That said, there wasn't any other ornament worthy for the brand. Employees would be identified by one of two shirts, beautifully screened by Seen Merch in Kansas City, as well as the NY State-required service hats —  translated into cycling caps and manufactured by Capo Cycling in Italy.