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Flying Rumor is the art direction/design portfolio of Darren Tuozzoli.


ANNA MAY UNILINE  • After viewing a weekend of silent films and impressed with the displays of titles, Tuozzoli went to study forms of hand lettering inside Ed Fella's personal design library, where he was shown 1907: The Art of Showcard Writing by Charles Strong. Brush techniques were swapped for broad nib pens, then forms simplified for a monoline typeface. While highly decorative in proportion and flourish, slab elements were later removed to pare down the characters' profiles. 

PASSENGER  The Passenger project was titled not only behind Iggy Pop's superlative song about decadence and shotgun rides, but also the big, open, Wild West. Fond of US Highway signs and spaghetti westerns where woodtype rules, Tuozzoli took the forms of Clarendon and Volta — flattened the feet and added some unique characters. The bold face was finished and embedded with a logo lozenge. 

WAYNE BLACKLETTER  Really black blackletters are fascinating because of their typical usage as well as their historic references. Stencils are beautiful because of their economy as well as their utility. Put them together, and you have Wayne. Because of its overt geometry, further license was exercised in the reversing of the direction of distinct letters without compromising legibility.